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Growing up, I had a great admiration for coming of age movies such as The Sandlot, Holes, Stand by Me and The Outsiders. I was always able to relate to the themes presented through these types of narratives. Having grown up in California’s Central Valley, the agricultural hub of the country, I gained further inspiration from long hours spent in my grandfather’s peach orchards as a kid. Orchards surround my town and the scent of the trees brings me an unrivaled sense of peace.

I want my readers to feel the complex emotions of my characters. I want them to feel anxious while flipping each page. By embracing literary realism, I’ve found that I’m able to connect readers with the themes I’m attempting to portray much more effectively. With The Orchard’s Offspring, I set out to tell a character-driven narrative that explored the depths of innocence, loss and the complexity of human nature, especially during childhood.

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