Eriksen Dickens is a filmmaker, actor, writer, and co-founder of Platinum Peek Productions. He was born and raised in Oakdale, CA and currently resides in San Luis Obispo, CA. As the Creative Director for Platinum Peek, Eriksen has produced advertisements and documentaries for over 150 clients around the world. He has also written, directed, and acted in numerous creative shorts, ranging from documentaries to short films, comedic skits, and music videos.

He also received his B.A. in Philosophy from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, and his M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University.


Major Works

While at Cal Poly in 2016, Eriksen and his brother, Soren, launched Platinum Peek Productions out of Soren’s dorm room. Platinum Peek is a digital storytelling agency that specializes in advertisements and character-driven documentary content. The company has since serviced over 150 clients in over 25 states. Eriksen operates as the Creative Director, while Soren operates as the Director of Operations.

"The Orchard’s Offspring"

In 2018, Eriksen published his coming of age novel entitled The Orchard’s Offspring. He began writing it in 2013, completed it in 2015, and continued tweaking it until he was ready to publish 3 years later. The story is a psychological coming of age thriller set in 1965 about a group of childhood friends. It is available for purchase on Amazon and other sites.

Dirty Toes

Dirty Toes is a documentary written and directed by Eriksen and produced by Platinum Peek Productions. The film explores the nomadic lifestyle of a young entrepreneur with cerebral palsy named Cameron Sluggett. By age 24, Cameron successfully grew four separate businesses, having lived in Hawaii, Tahoe, Nicaragua, San Luis Obispo, and Oakdale.

Magic in the Lane

Released in 2019, Magic in the Lane is a documentary that follows the life of an entrepreneur, magician, and world-class swimmer, Chuck Katis. Written and directed by Eriksen and produced by Platinum Peek Productions, the film was shot in Berkeley, CA, Santa Clara, CA, and Colorado Springs, CO.

Two Magic Drops

In 2020, Eriksen and Soren released Two Magic Drops, a short documentary that follows Rotary International’s efforts to eradicate polio in India. The film was shot entirely in India, and offers an eye-opening view of India’s caste system. The 15 minute short has since been selected to 8 film festivals, winning three awards, including best documentary. The film has also been used by Rotary clubs around the world to educate club members on Rotary’s involvement in the fight against polio.

Dear Oakdale

Dear Oakdale is a love letter to Eriksen’s hometown, Oakdale, CA. Known as the cowboy capital of the world, Oakdale is a unique place in today’s world. Being a fourth-generation citizen of Oakdale,  Eriksen wanted to pay tribute to the town that made him who he is today.

Acting Reel

Eriksen has acted in numerous short films, music videos, advertisements, and comedic skits. He tends to navigate toward either comedic characters or dark, brooding characters… two opposite ends of the spectrum!

New Video Releases

Platinum Peek Demo Reel

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